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EU requirements for import and trade of animal products

This is a training to enhance the knowledge of FBOs about computer-based trade specific applications.

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HPAI in domestic poultry - Sim-ex No. 2

Through simulation of HPAI in domestic poultry, to elaborate the new concept of the documentation for contingency preparedness, in particular the CP and OM for terrestrial animals, the SOP for epi-investigation, the SOP for sampling, and the SOP for killing animals in the event of HPAI. The training will be used to upgrade skills for conducting briefings and the practical implementation of the developed SOPs.

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Relevant diseases for TCc, early detection, notification and passive surveillance - Training 5

This is a training to enhance of the knowledge of the commercial farmers on animal diseases and concept of passive surveillance and notification, raising their awareness of commercial diseases emergences and risks with aim to have a positive effect improving passive surveillance.

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